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is it Flying?
3 June 2011

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1 June 2011

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i feel pretty
25 May 2011

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Islamic architecture
26 October 2009

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Zurich lake
10 July 2009

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19 May 2009

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8 March 2009

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6 September 2008

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i've got the power
26 January 2008

Recent Comments

khashayar on life is a journey not a destination
u were in water!? so nice

Roman on life is a journey not a destination
great POV and good light. nice reflections. I like your title!

Farhaat on life is a journey not a destination
good angle. love the ripples of the water. gives a nice texture. and the message that youve tried to give by this shot ...

Dutçh on I am BLUE
A perfect 5, the blue is just.. breathtaking.

cassiel on I am BLUE
Great, wonderful!

B. Thomas on I am BLUE
Beautiful simplicity.

kalhéo on I am BLUE
wouahou quel bleu !!!

Olivier on I am BLUE
superb water!

Fade ToBLACK on I am BLUE

sherry on Muezz Street
good Amazing art photo nadne

Hany on Islamic architecture
nice but i wanna know what is this building

Curly on Islamic architecture
Oh what a pity that your picture of this magnificent building is marred by a huge over exposed area. Perhaps if you had ...

Gimly on "Feteer'
Aiwa Kidda! Bas 3 kilo's of Samna is too much!

Sandrine on litlle flowers
Beautiful shot!

Manu on "Feteer'
I like this picture!***

Ashley Anne on شقاوة
fantastic shot!

redmag on one world in another
exlant shoot

LauraS on i am alive :)
Interesting. What are they representing here?

Sarito on i am alive :)
nice shot!

Larry Bliss on SIWA
Nice use of color... the pathway draws you into the picture.

Anouk on open up your heart
Beautiful flower!

Anouk on Never stop dreaming...
Very nice capture!

Anouk on شقاوة
Nice portrait! Very cute!


Sarito on شقاوة
beautiful shot..

Rags on شقاوة
wow, what a lovely pose and a pretty face.

DarkElf on Never stop dreaming...
great vision! lovely light and wonderful pattern leading away into the distance...

Sof on Never stop dreaming...
Nice shot and very nice framing

Isa on Spin beautiful!

Ana Lúcia on Spin
Looks like they're having a lot of fun.

Ana Lúcia on Tanoura
Wonderfully capture.

DonLon on Smile
Well done great expressions.

Taitt Photography on Smile
wonderful shot,excellent emotions shown here.

Dimitrios on Smile
well captured!

Ana Lúcia on Tanoura

The Eyewitness on Tanoura
Very Well done Nadine, everything is perfect the composition and background...everything is perfect...

The Eyewitness on unspoken words
Do you know that the first blog I had started was called "The Unspoken"..:)

Patricia on Egyptian Palm

Gimly on sails
I really Like this. great job

kostas on old Egypt
Nice corner!I love old photos too.

Saeed on let's hope
very nice shot. i have also a fish man photo today

Bonj on let's hope
I agree. Great timing. A second earlier and it still would have been a nice shot, but having the net splashing the ...

Evi on let's hope

Michael Skorulski on let's hope
Neat shot. Caught at exactly the right moment.

The Eyewitness on victorious sky
Good technique :)

Scotfot on My space
Komfy Kat.... great picture!

Sandrine on open up your heart
Beautiful colors and shot!

Sandrine on new beginning...
great macro! I love to eat these!

Earnest on open up your heart
Beautiful shot.

Calusarus on saint chathrine
Nice details.

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